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Spreading awareness of the Craft Beer movement to ladies of distinct style and taste. One pink stiletto boot at a time...

F@#$%!!??!! CORN in my Beer!

Religion of Zymology Weighs in after Hobby Lobby Decision

At the heels of the highly controversial case of Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby Stores, which has raised all sorts of questions about religious freedom, a case was filed Friday by the Coalition of Women Backhoe Operators Union against Dear John Construction in a [...]

Posted by Bombshell Brewnuttes • 23 days ago • View comments

CrazyCatLady.org Demands More Craft Beer Cat References

In an ongoing attempt to capture the missing market share of female beer drinkers,  many craft beer advocates are feeling obligated to listen to the pleas of the head of non profit We Are Crazy Cat Ladies.org,  Ima Pheelyn. In an interview with Ms. Phe [...]

Posted by Bombshell Brewnuttes • 39 days ago • View comments

Study Shows Craft Industry Needs to Jump On Boob Wagon

In a society where it is glaringly obvious that sex sells, we find it a bit unnerving that more "Craft Beer" manufacturers aren't jumping on the bandwagon.  According to an article we read, Kilbourne, whose credentials we know nothing of, states:    [...]

Posted by Bombshell Brewnuttes • 44 days ago • View comments

Being a Chick in the World of Beer

By:  Miami Beer CatI absolutely love it when I am out drinking beer, and I get into a conversation about it with a guy.  Who thinks he knows it all.   I actually try to avoid these conversations initially because it invariably gets into a "My beer know [...]

Posted by Miami Beer Cat • 46 days ago • View comments

What Our Brew Nuttes Are Doing

jung.brasil Hello, of course I'm Brazilian, and I also do da beer profession of nursing, in factories small in Brazil, Argentina and outros countries from Latin America, in general work contract, quando remodels or extension or installation of nova brewery is given. I'm glad to find your website, I hope to have good news ...
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