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Spreading awareness of the Craft Beer movement to ladies of distinct style and taste. One pink stiletto boot at a time...

Ninkasi - Bud Parody

Cigar City next under the AB Veil?

Ha ha Cigar City!  uhhh... Please don't joke that that.   (Check out the door)Owner and Founder Joey Redner has confirmed that AB has indeed approached CCB.  And apparently this would be quite a coup for AB who has been trying to secure a foothold in t [...]

Posted by Bombshell Brewnuttes • 6 months ago • View comments

Understanding Bud's "Proudly Macro" Through Common Beer "Off-Flavors"

What was the "Off-Flavor" found in Bud's "Proudly Macro" Ad?  Was it" Phenolic"? " Skunky"? "Yeasty" "Moldy"?  Let us break down what, if anything, might have gone wrong with brewing up a Great Ad.--------------------------------The ink was barely dry i [...]

Posted by Bombshell Brewnuttes • 6 months ago • View comments

A Lil Modern Times Trivia!!

Did you know that the brewery Modern Times is named after a little-known socialist colony that existed in New York before the Civil War?  Yep, in 1851 Modern Times was founded by "individual anarchist"  Josiah Warren and Stephen Pearl Andrews on a plot [...]

Posted by Bombshell Brewnuttes • 6 months ago • View comments

Back to the Basics

As a manager (who is nutty for craft brew) I try my best to keep my beer servers in the loop, and well informed... thought I'd share this little fact sheet prepared for them today.  I didn't write this, just compiled pertinent info from several [...]

Posted by CraftBrew&Cupcakes • 8 months ago • View comments

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