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Spreading awareness of the Craft Beer movement to ladies of distinct style and taste. One pink stiletto boot at a time...

Beer Will Kill You


With the holidays upon us, of course details are important – especially when calculating pumpkin pie slices and turkey poundage, but it’s easy to get bogged down with the minutia of life.  Taking a step back, in the spirit of the season, we’v [...]

Posted by CraftBrew&Cupcakes • 27 days ago • View comments

Diffusing a Problem: A Hoppy Tale

Don't tell anyone,  but my boyfriend and I are on the brink of an invention that is sure to improve the overall quality of life for every beer nerd as they know it.  Being bonkers for good beer ourselves, our progression of thought was as clear as a Ger [...]

Posted by Bombshell Brewnuttes • 46 days ago • View comments

Beer: Cure for the Common Cultural Conditioning

Recently getting rid of cable, in addition to giving me an extra hundred a month and allowing me to reconnect with the creative genius of Bewitched, McHale's Navy and I Dream of Genie, has also opened my eyes to even more ailments - and products that cure [...]

Posted by Bombshell Brewnuttes • 69 days ago • View comments

Move Over Yoga and Beer... We've Got... Strippers and Suds??

With the craft beer industry just starting to bubble, the allure of jumping in must be strong - whether or not it is truly one's passion.  Thus the trend has been to consider two distinct interests that, upon cursory glance, appear to have absolutely not [...]

Posted by Bombshell Brewnuttes • 89 days ago • View comments

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