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Spreading awareness of the Craft Beer movement to ladies of distinct style and taste. One pink stiletto boot at a time...


Stein Brewing - Reviving an Extinct Brewing Process

by c.c.morton Last night our homebrew club, The Crude Brew Crew, brewed a Pale Ale using the ancient method of "stein brewing."  Today's brewing is achieved by manipulating the fire with increases and decreases of temperature by the turn of a knob. I [...]

Posted by Bombshell Brewnuttes • 3 months ago • View comments

Your Daily Acid Trip: They Are Not all Created Equal

by: c.c. morton The world of beer is not made for the one-uppers. I say this, in spite of the fact that invariably within the walls of any given gastropub where there is more than one beer geek present, there is usually a ping-pong match going on: “I [...]

Posted by Bombshell Brewnuttes • 3 months ago • View comments

So CAL Home Brew Festival May 2nd-3rd 2014

I realize that the So CAL Home Brew Festival is five months away - - but in home brewing time, that's the day after tomorrow! So I felt I had better start looking into it. The president of our home brew club, Noel Stalker, (Crude Brew Crew) told us about [...]

Posted by Bombshell Brewnuttes • 3 months ago • View comments

Cold Steeping: Getting the Most Out of Dark Grains

Brewing with dark specialty grains is essential to develop roasty flavors and aromas and achieve various colors, but working with dark grains can also result in unfavorable harsh flavors. Sometimes confused with hop bitterness, the burnt and acrid compone [...]

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What Our Brew Nuttes Are Doing

Marlinmigs has uploaded a new photo Golden Ale Wheat.
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Marlinmigs Enjoying a golden sunshine wheat at Old Church mcmenamins brewery in Wilsonville after riding 30 miles and collecting 4 stamps in my mcmenamins passport
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